Man controlling smart home with wall mount screen

Smart Switches

Our touch sensitive switches allows maximum tactile feel with a thin 1mm tempered glass panel that sits well in any modern home. The glass panel is flame retardant and waterproof. The smart circuitry allows immediate response and lets you control them from outside the home with our controller hub. With the latest Z-Wave Plus Certified standard, you have extended range and reliable using our switches. The beautiful night lights lets you find your buttons even in total darkness and uses colours to indicate status.

Google home beside TV

Google Home

All Google Home devices (Google Mini and Google Nest Hub) have the power of Google Assistant, allowing you to have the knowledge of Google Search with just a voice command. They also function as a speaker for you to listen to music, conduct voice searches and most importantly, control your smart home. You can ask it to turn on the TV, display who’s at your door, play YouTube and Spotify, control your smart home and even function as your personal photo frame!

Smart Kitchen

Smart Devices

We use smart devices that will let you control most infra-red and radio frequency devices. This will include most air conditioners, electronic devices, blinds and curtains. All these can also be included in the routines and schedules of your smart home.

Smart home hub connected devices

Assistech Controller Hub

The most important component of a smart home a.k.a the ‘brains’ of the house, will be housed in our controller hub. This controller hub is the control center that stores all your scenes and routines settings. It is your equivalent of J.A.R.V.I.S in Ironman movie and let you do all the ‘cool’ things. The controller hub is also the one that ensures all necessary data and settings stays within your home network, and allows you to control your home scenes and routines, even when internet is down.

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