What are some of the features you can enjoy in a Smart Home?

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Single App

Control your smart home using just a single mobile app. The app will allow you to access the scenes, routines and device controls. The app will give you great convenience, allowing you to manage your smart home easily.

Voice Control

You can control your house settings with just a voice command when you are near any voice control hub. You can activate scenes and routines as well as controlling the smart devices. In the event that Google Home or Internet is down, our AssisTech Control Hub still allows you to control your home using voice commands.

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Phone location


With IFTTT, you can set routines to activate when you are nearing your home or leaving your home boundary. Examples will be turning off all the lights automatically once you leave a 2km radius from your home.

Floor Plans

You can view your home in the form a floor plan of the entire home. At a glance, you are able to know which room has lights still turned on and with just a single touch on the room, you can turn everything off. Life could not be simpler.

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Works On Local Network

Our solution allows you to control your home even when internet is down. This is because all our data are stored on our controller hub so all your favourite scenes and routines still work perfectly when the internet is not available.

Remote Access

One of the best features of smart home is the ability to monitor and control your home remotely. Whether you are on holiday or just out for coffee, you can instantly know if your lights are turned on, if any motion sensors are triggered or if somebody is at your door, and then, switch off the lights or light your guest in – from anywhere. You can have peace of mind when travelling from now on.

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Push Notifications

You can receive push notifications from your smart sensors or triggers on your mobile phone. You can be notified that somebody is at your door, your light is turned on, your night-time schedule is activated or weather forecast rain and your windows are not closed.

Routines and Schedules

One of the powerful feature of having a smart home is the ability to set routines and schedules. Most people enjoy convenience and will use a setting to turn on a certain set of lights when they enter. Almost every household will benefit from a “Leaving Home” feature which will turn off all the lights, air-conditioning and start the robot vacuum cleaner. Frequent travellers may benefit from a “Vacation” routine where their house will turn on certain lights at fixed times for security.

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Z Wave Plus

Open Standard (Z-Wave Plus)

Our solution uses communication protocols that have high security built-in as well as widely supported in industry. There is wide adoption of the protocol and unlike closed protocols, any devices that bears the certification will work with the rest of the devices.

Home Reporting and Analytics

Efficiency in energy consumption at the home is important


Activity History

All your actions will be logged into the hub and you can view them, if needed.


Some of our many integrations with third-party devices and services

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