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October 10th

Voice Controlled Home with Google Home

It’s the age of technologically driven voice-controlled smart speakers, making their way into our homes and daily lives, with a plethora of functionalities.

Google Home is Google’s offer as a smart-home controller - it is a digital assistant with a Wi-Fi Speaker. For its functioning, it needs a Wi-Fi network, a compatible mobile device and an electrical socket. Google Home comes with a number of functionalities which includes its searching ability and amazing voice-controlled proficiency. It is a must for those who have transformed their lives with Google ecosystem and now need a voice-controlled speaker for controlling their smart home devices or even listening to their favorite music.

Google Home is relatively new in comparison to Amazon’s echo but doesn’t stay behind in its capabilities and design. It has already garnered deep appreciation for its complete and polished features.

Google Home is a smart speaker, with an ability to track the context of queries which is based on previous inputs. It is well integrated with other Google services which includes the professionals’ favorite Google Calendar. As in case of all Google products, it is continuously being updated and can work with several Google accounts. It can also recognize the voice of users.

How Does Google Home Work?

Google Assistant is an important aspect of Google Home, which is its voice-recognition system, also available on the latest Google Pixel phone. Google Home also has built-in microphones which are always ready to listen and get into action as it hears the trigger words. The device doesn’t delay in responding as it is addressed to as ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google’. The best part is that there are no usual switches, dials or even buttons. A smart microphone mute button is hidden in the back, in case the user needs it.

As there is a query, a four color LED light beams up – an indication that your smart assistant is hearing. The top section is touch sensitive and can be used for volume control. Volume can be changed by simply swiping the finger in counterclockwise or clockwise direction or by just touching its head.

Google Home for Music

Music lovers planning to invest in Google Home for music have many music options to select home. All users have free access to Google Play Music, Spotify available as a paid account, TuneIn for Internet radio facility, Paid version of YouTube Music and Pandora (Paid and Free accounts). There is an option to select the system default or specify the service desired each time.

Google Home can also work as a part of multiroom audio system when it is combined with Chromecast wireless media streamer. Chromecast devices can stream video or music to any other device such as TV, an audio system or a powered speaker and it can be controlled with phone. Google Assistant help in playing the music through different units simultaneously.

Home Control

Google Home is the voice-controlled assistant of the user – it has the ability of turning things off and on as per the instruction, which is one of its most appealing aspects. Managing your day to day activities is easier with personalized help from the assistance in setting reminders, scheduling activities and more whenever Google Home can recognize your voice. With the SmartThings integration functionality, Google Home helps users control in-wall & plug-in smart switches which are connected to the SmartThings Hub.

To sum it, Google Home is the technologically advanced Hands-free help from Google Assistant. Play songs, get answers, tackle your routine and enjoy your favorite music, as you have complete control on your smart home with your voice.

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