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October 10th

Top 5 True Smart Home Hubs

A Smart Home Hub refers to a software or hardware which helps in keeping devices connected on a specific home automation network. It also helps in controlling communication between them. These Smart Home Hubs can be connected to the cloud or locally.

These are extremely useful for IoT devices which utilize Z-Wave or Zigbee protocols or Bluetooth. Any smart home hub is said to be the heart of the smart home network. It is involved in tying different devices and various systems in a specific centralized platform.

Top 5 Smart Home Hubs

Samsung SmartThings Hub

If you a Samsung user and have many Samsung Devices and the smart hub router, you need to have Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi + Hub. Through this router you will be able to connect all the smart devices to a single place. You will have better control of all devices through the SmartThings App. The hub usually covers 1500 square feet. The Hub is popular for its ability with cover large space with a wireless signal and for its ability to deliver fast speed.

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus is the follow-up to Amazon Echo, available with many new design features. Users have the choice of colors which include heather gray, charcoal and light gray colors. It perfectly blends in any kind of décor. It is available with the Alexa functionality – you can certainly ask questions, know more about the weather and more. It has a 3 inches neodymium woofer along with a tweeter. It functions as a true smart hub.

Google Nest Hub Max

Available with a 10 inches touchscreen display, Google Nest Hub Max is simple to use. It offers a microphone, has a crisp display and is just perfect for video calls. It is also equipped with voice activation. It has an in-built Google Assistant. The hub is hands-free and is just perfect for a busy living environment. It can easily sync with other devices with its built-in Hi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Lenovo Smart Display

Offered by Lenovo, Lenovo Smart Display is available with in-built Google Assistant, helping to meet all your requirements. It is available with Smart Display and is totally voice-controlled. A true hub for the home, it can quickly turn smart lights off and on, it can adjust thermostats or even display feeds form smart home cameras. It has .8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 processor which is just perfect for regular use. It delivers clean and crisp sound.

Amazon Echo Dot

Comparatively a less expensive package, Amazon Echo Dot is the latest generation Echo Dot. It is available with several features. It is available with 1.6 inches speaker, offering you the needed volume and oomph. Users have the Alexa functionality which assists in streaming music or search online. It is available in three colors which include sandstone, heather gray and charcoal. This is a flat and a small device. It is perfect for small homes where Alexa capabilities are useful without the need for big speakers or big screen.

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