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Smart Security Products for your Next Smart Home

With the wide applications of Internet of Things, it is now easier to have a smart home, where everything ranging from television, lights, locks, vacuums and even lawn mowers can be controlled, with the help of a smartphone and app. It is now easier and affordable to monitor your home and property with help of smart security systems. These are easily available setups which promise security and safety for your home, depending on the needs.

Dedicated security systems are available along with individual devices which help in monitoring your home. With such smart security products, it is now easy to monitor your home with help of tablets and phones.

Smart Security Products – Your Options

Smart security products include a number of options which include garage openers, locks and smart cameras which offer better control on information associated with your home safety. Just as in case of different smart devices, these security products require wireless access and a bit of information about your home. Smart security means controlling the security products from your phone or your computer.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Offered by Nest, this is a smart solution for outdoor security monitoring.

  • Nest Cam Outdoor is a weatherproof camera module since it is designed for outdoors.
  • Includes a rugged power cord, ensuring durability and prevention of damage due to weather extremities.
  • 1080p high definition video recording. It also records high-quality night vision
  • It offers two-way audio – the camera allows receiving and sending of audo.
  • Sightline feature ensures smooth browsing of the recording. Allows the user use dots along with still images for recording an event.

Smart Lock

Offered by August, the smart product helps users to lock or unlock the door using the tablet and phone.

  • Allows connecting your doors to a mobile device. Allows locking and unlocking a door from tablet or door.
  • Requires the pressing of an on-screen button to unlock the door. However, one needs to be within the Bluetooth range.
  • There is also a provision for virtual mobile keys which can let anyone to unlock the door.
  • Easy to install and can work in almost all types of deadbolts. Installation takes just 15 minutes without any kind of changing in the existing locking mechanism.

MyQ Garage

A product by Chamberlain, this is a smart security product which actually does a simple task of opening or closing the garage door.

  • Helps in opening or closing the door of your garage from any location with the help of an internet connection.
  • Helps users to monitor the status of garage door.
  • Allows setting of custom alerts based on garage status.
  • Installation is easy.

When considering smart securities, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Compatibility – Checking compatibility or the ability to connect with different connected devices, hubs and smart speakers is quite essential. Support of automation tools is also necessary which ensures the security system is free from hassles.
  • Battery Backup – Power outage is quite a common issue and one aspect in which traditional security systems fail. Check if the smart security device is available with backup battery support.
  • Features – All smart devices should ideally produce high-quality videos, have night vision support, motion detection facility and two-way audio.

Smart security devices bring in peace of mind. Smart security devices are also just perfect for those who wish to do away with their traditional house keys and desire mobile access to home security.

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