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Smart Home for the Differently Abled Person

A smart home for any of us can be a luxury but in case of differently abled people or in case of elders, it is more about independence and easy living. It is all about having the freedom to live independently. With the advent of Internet of Things and smart phone technology, it is now possible to have a truly accessible home. Now, there is no more the compulsion to purchase disability specific devices for performing a certain task.

Our smart phone has become our best friend now, providing us quick, safe and easy access to a number of tools which has successfully transformed the environment we live in. Smart homes for differently abled person have truly become life changing. People with certain difficulties can consider turning their home into a smart one. Here are some products which can help in the healthy journey.

Amazon Echo

If you are just starting with home innovation and looking for smart home setup, Amazon Echo offers great controlling devices in the house. Users can also download Amazon Alexa app for the smartphone and use it for controlling devices when not in or around the home. Alexa for instance can be use for setting alarming, reminders, timing and shopping lists. It is also possible to carry out internet searches without the much use of hands.

Smart Thermostat

One of the main reasons for disturbed sleep is changes in temperature. A smart thermostat helps in keeping the temperature intact. The best part is you do not have to go anywhere or move to ensure this, as your room temperature can now be controlled with the help of your smartphone.

Smart Doorbell

In case you are spending considerable time in the bed or you find it difficult to move around and check from the window, a smart doorbell can be of great help. The smart doorbells usually have a motion sensor camera which helps in showing who is at door. Thus, before moving out, you can decide whether you would like to answer or not.

Smart Blinds and Curtains

Differently abled people often have difficulty in operating shades and curtains. With the introduction of smart window coverings, moving curtains and blinds is now easier. Curtain slides are now quite popular in many homes.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting offers you all the access and visibility for your smart home. Today, no longer there is a need to lower the light switch if you wish to remodel your home. You can use just a small plug or a light bulb can help in making your task easier and all this can be done with just a tap on the smart phone screen. Smart lights are available with several features and not just an ON and OFF option. These lights can be dimmed and colors can be changed as well. In case there is need to reduce sensory overload or you need a certain color, there are options.

Smart homes help in empowering people and often assist them in living an independent life. They have greater control over the environment and have freedom to make choices which often able-bodied people take for granted. Undoubtedly, our world is soon becoming a more accessible people to live.

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