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October 10th

How Much is It To Create a Smart Home in Singapore?

In Singapore, people are showing keen interest in converting their home into a smart home. The common question here is how much will it cost?

There might not be any one answer for this question because it keeps varying and depends on a number of factors. These factors include the size of your home, your budget and also what you wish to get done to convert into a smart home. For most people, a smart home is all about adding a smart home hub which will control some basic devices like plugs, bulbs, locks, security camera and more. There will also be a speaker which will play your favorite music and might answer your queries.

However, in reality having a smart phone is much more than all this! If you wish to convert your home into a smart home, you might have to actually replace every bulb with its smart alternative. You might be swapping out locks for smarter ones, you might have to fit motorized window blinds and you might even need to make your garden intelligent. However, all such changes will come for a price and you might have to pay a lot more. When you get in touch with your smart home solutions provider, you will know how much you need to spend exactly because prices vary.

Investing in the Equipment

When you wish to convert to a smart home, it will include use of entertainment equipment, networking equipment, security cameras, comfort and lighting. Considering the size of the room doesn’t help always because a few devices can service just one room ( e.g. The light switches) while there are many other devices which will control other rooms and even the whole house. If you are thinking about investing in some entry level smart equipment such as thermostat, basic processor and light switches, you might have to invest between $1800 - $2000.

Smart Home Hub or Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is important for smart home updates. You will need a smart hub like Samsung SmartThings Hub which can be easily used as the central controller of the smart home. It works with devices which includes alarm systems, cameras, locks and lights. You can check online for their latest prices to understand how much you might have to pay. Check out the latest price of Google Home or Amazon Home, which will give you an approximate estimate of how much you will have to pay.

Smart Lights or Lighting

Smart lights are available at different prices which are often connected to the Wi-Fi and can be easily controlled with the help of your smartphone. It can also be controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa. Count the number of light bulbs you will need and multiply it with the cost.

It is often seen that even after completion of a number of things, you still realize that a lot needs to be done. If budget is never a problem, you can make your home smarter by investing in smart blinds all through, smart refrigerator, smart lawnmower, integrated A/V systems, leak sensors, water heating equipment in the basement and much more.

If you get in touch with a company which offers Smart Home Solutions in Singapore, you will get an estimate of how much you might have to pay. Understand your requirements first before you get in touch with the company!

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