Smart home with lights turned on

Choosing Between Smart Lights and Smart Switches

Turn your home into a smart home with smart switches and smart lights!

Lately, a smart hub has been released which allows better control of the lights and various connected aspects of home, that too with just a touch screen control panel. Also, a built-in Alexa functionality is available which offers voice-control capabilities. It is a popular multitasking hub, which offers a solution for people whose homes are already high-tech.

Smart lights and smart switches have a few differences, which need to be considered when you are purchasing them.

Installation Details

These are available with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities. You need to install them just in the same way as you would use conventional bulbs. You have to download an App which gets connected to the Wi-Fi network and helps in controlling the lights. There are several brands which suggest purchasing a hub which will ‘speak’ to the bulbs. However, there are many bulbs which do not need such hubs.

On the other hand, smart light switches have a little complicated installation process since they require altering of the wiring of house. It also requires addition of components which work to automate the functionality of switches instead of bulb. It implies that the existing light switch has to be replaced with an advanced and a newer one.

Smart switches often do not work at homes which were installed before 1990. This happens as they usually have a neutral wire or a neutral line. There are modern home codes that need neutral lines for all switches which are available in any home. In case of older properties, the situation might be totally different.

Cost-Effective Nature

If budget is a problem, you need to know that smart light switches are affordable. The bulbs are cheaper though costly ones are available as well. Prices of smart light switches usually differ depending on the brand. It is actually dependent on how these are setup.  Smart light switches can control many lights which might be in one room. Smart light switches can work with any type of bulb. Though the bulbs are available in abundance, still people often do not find compatible smart bulbs for some homes. Due to the way these work with the bulbs, people can actually set switches which help in controlling several lights instead of a light. Smart light switches actually pay for themselves in a span of time.

Bring in Color to Room

If you wish to bring in colorful lighting and set the right mood, smart bulbs are a good option. These bulbs have the ability to make any atmosphere fun and exciting. The smart light switches usually turn the lights off and on. They can easily dim the lighting which depends on the kind of light. However, bulbs are capable of adding color to any room. The complementing apps are available which help in selecting a constant color. Colored bulbs provide a white light. There is no need to change the bulbs which depends on the white or the colored illumination.

Usually, the complementing apps enable choosing one constant color or switching between several colors, sometimes in rapid succession. Plus, because colored bulbs can often give off a plain white light, too, you don't have to keep changing the bulbs depending on if you want white or colored illumination.

Both of these are known to offer additional safety. Thus, even if you are traveling you can give an impression that someone is at home with the use of such smart technology.

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